1. How does your page/funding work? 

2. How do I donate? 

  • Donations can be made through our Donate page.

3. I’m from another country, can I still receive funds? 

  • We're only funding US/PR ARMYs. Please check our Funding Bases page to see if your country has a funding account. 

4. Do you fund older albums like Dark and Wild?

  • No, we don’t fund older albums unless there’s a huge project* to reach a certain goal for a certain album.

5. Do you send gift cards too since I don’t have PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, or Zelle?

  • Yes, we send Amazon Gift Cards and iTunes Gift Cards.

  • Google forms to receive gift cards can be found on our Guidelines page.

NOTE: Funds For Bangtan is a funding fanbase for US/Puerto Rico ONLY.

Please refer to our Funding Bases tab to see if your country has a funding base too.